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Here contains Frequently-Asked Questions for Here you will find many questions and anwsers regarding common questions you might have about Abandonware, or itself. Do not e-mail us a question if the anwser is here, we will just ingnore you, and possibly kill your pet(s).

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What is is a search engine centered around the Abandonware community.

What is the purpose of

Our purpose here is to promte a friendly environment among the Abandonware community and to help those searching for old software which is no longer available for sale.

How does work, all the links to lead to other pages, right?

That's right. We point you in the direction of sites which you can get the games from. By doing this we not only help you find what your looking for but we also provide a powerful means for Abandonware webmaster's to get their sites noticed.


What's up with the banner?

I'm not sure, click it and let me know what you find out. In all honesty though, it's there because although we enjoy doing this it is time consuming and time is money. Not to mention the fact that our host likes money too. Clicking the single, unobtrusive, banner is completely optional, but much appreciated if you do.

How does the search work?

To start with we enter all the games and partner sites into our huge database. Once everything is in the database you can search for a game your interested in using various methods. You can select a category and try to find your game that way, search through the alphabetical listings, or even type the game's name in the search box to do a quick search of our database. After finding the game you will be able to view information regarding it and if it is indeed classified as Abandonware there will be a list of download sites which you may download the game from.

How can I request a game?

If you wish to request a game you can visit our Forum and post a new topic in the requests section. If your request is acceptable in regards to the forum's rules, (these differ slightly from the site itself) your request will be allowed. If not your thread will be closed. Please do not e-mail us with game requests. Any e-mail request we recieve will just be deleted.

IDSA? What's that about?

The IDSA (Interactive Digital Software Association) is an organization which has been created to stop the online piracy of software. They have numerous corporate members including such big names as Nintendo, Sony, and Sega. The IDSA works on their member's behalf to stop the illegal distribution of those member's software and intelluctual property rights. The important thing to note here is that the IDSA does not differentiate between 0-Day Warez, Oldwarez, and Abandonware. In the IDSA's eyes software piracy is software piracy and they have shut down numerous Abandonware sites in their time. As a precaution nowadays most Abandonware sites will not distribute any software belonging to IDSA members for fear of having their site shut down, or even facing hefty fines. This is rather unfortunate as although the IDSA's intentions are good, they are helping to erase some games from history.

Technical Support

A download link didn't work, why?

If for some reason you are unsuccessful in downloading a game from a site you should do the following.
1. Check the sites FAQ to see if the use of download managers/accelerators affects your ability to download from a site.
2. Check with someone else to see if they can download the file. If no one else can download the file then most likely the link is dead. If this is the case please e-mail the sites webmaster and inform them of the dead link, and e-mail us as well so we can disable the link until it's functional again.
3. If neither of the first 2 steps helps to solve your problem then try asking for help in our Forum.

I can't get the game to install, why?

If you can not get a game to install then 9 times out of 10 you are doing something wrong. Be sure to read any documentation that has come with the game, and to check any FAQ's posted on the website you got it from. If you still can't get the game to install, try asking for help from either the webmaster of the site you got it from, or from the site's forum members if it has one. As well you are more than welcome to ask for technical help in our Forum.

I'm stuck in the game, were do I get help?

Undoubtedly the greatest source on the web for anyone having difficulty with any game has got to be Gamefaqs. If for some strange reason you can not find information on Gamefaqs for the game you are playing you can ask for help in our Forum. *Please note that if you really can't find your game on Gamefaqs 99 out of 100 times you are actually having narcoticaly induced hallucinations and the game you think your playing doesn't actually exist.


Who started

J-who started the site.

Why did you create was created to fill in a void which had been left when the orignal Abandonware Search List stopped doing it.

Why is this Freeoldies site stealing everything from

Due to the wonderfully original and talented nature of it is only natural for others to imitate it. In the case of Freeoldies however we believe their main goal is to be by not merley imitating us but implementing every single thing we do and copying every move we make. We can't say for certain, but we're pretty sure the people behind Freeoldies are part of some horrendous plot to take over the world and force everyone to play poorly translated versions of censored porn games for all of eternity.
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