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Another World (Action)

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Developer: Delphine Software
Year: 1991
Downloads: 13772
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Game Review:

In this game, you play a scientist teleported to an alien world by an experiment gone wrong. In the first desperate moments in that world you must escape from a gigantic black beast and poisonous slugs; but those are only a few of the dangers awaiting you in this game.

With some pretty nifty graphics for the time, Another World makes a great job at converying the alien nature of the environments.

While the controls are a bit stiff, Another World boasts some cool shotting and cover mechanichs. Enemies will create shields, try to break yours and if only a shot slips by your defenses you are toast, making for some pretty intense firefights.

The game uses a password system for his 11 levels. Some levels can be pretty long, making for some frustrating sections due to how easy it is to die and the not so apparent solution to some situations.

With all that said, Another World is a recommendable experience and worth putting some time into (and patiende.)

By: Karl_Delacroix
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