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Quest For Glory 1: So you want to be a Hero (Remake) (Adventure)

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Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Developer: Sierra Entertainment
Year: 1991
Downloads: 951
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Like the first games in the King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry series, a VGA version using Sierra's point and click SCI1.1 interpreter was released in 1992. This version had input limitations compared to the original, which used the text-parser–based SCI0.

While the original game was based on dialogues and asking questions in order to obtain some background information, in the new interface the dialogues had a tree structure: a menu of question topics. By asking certain questions (e.g. "Ask about Potion"), the player will get new questions to ask (e.g. "Healing potion, Stamina potion, Dispel potion"). Some easter eggs were also updated, for example in Erasmus's house, the original has a reference to King's Quest IV, while the remake has a reference to The Dagger of Amon Ra. The treasure room in the troll cave leading to the Brigand's hideout was missing in the remake.

The backgrounds and characters were hand drawn and scanned, while the monster fights and character portraits were made using clay models and stop motion animation.

Unlike other games, running out of stamina points here can kill the hero outright instead of starting to do health damage.

The VGA remake and original version were also released on CD-ROM as part of the 1996 Anthology collection and 1997 Collection Series.

By: binford6001
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