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Full Throttle (Adventure)

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Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Year: 1995
Downloads: 2551
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The story is set in a dystopian future where motorized vehicles are giving way to anti-gravitational hovercrafts. A hardened biker named Ben is the leader of a motorcycle gang called the Polecats. Riding down Highway 9, they come across an expensive white hovercraft limousine. Ben unceremoniously drives over the limousine, crushing its hood ornament. Inside the limo is Malcolm Corley, CEO and founder of the last domestic motorcycle manufacturer in the country, Corley Motors. Intrigued and impressed, Corley demands his driver catch up to the gang.

As Ben and his gang relax at a bar, Corley arrives and befriends Ben with stories of his own biker history. Before long, Corley's sinister vice president Adrian Ripburger enters and asks to speak to Ben privately. However, when Ben refuses to have his gang appear at the upcoming annual Corley Motors shareholder's meeting as an "escort", he is knocked out and thrown in a dumpster by Ripburger's henchmen, Nestor and Bolus. Ben later wakes to find Ripburger and his gang have already left, having agreed to escort Corley to the shareholder's meeting. While trying to catch up with them, Ben discovers his bike had been sabotaged and after crashing, and falling unconscious, he is discovered by a reporter named Miranda. She brings him to a female mechanic named Maureen (or Mo for short), who patches up his bike with a few parts Ben has to retrieve.

Miranda witnesses Ripburger beating Corley to death outside a rest-stop bathroom and takes pictures, but Bolus snatches the camera. Miranda escapes. After they leave, Ben discovers Corley, and with his dying words, he tells Ben that Ripburger is going to take over the company and produce mini-vans instead of motorcycles. Ben is asked to set things straight by finding Corley's daughter - revealed to be Maureen.

With his gang now jailed in connection to Corley's murder, Ben crosses the desert as a fugitive in order to find a way to clear his name, save his gang, and prevent Ripburger from turning Corley Motors into a minivan producer. He crosses paths with other motorcycle gangs: the speed-addicted Vultures (of which Mo is later revealed to be a member), the brutal Rottwheelers, and the enigmatic Cavefish. He also encounters Father Torque, the retired once-leader of the Polecats, who dispenses sage advice to Ben to aid him in his travels. Several diversions also come Ben's way: he must acquire items to cross a gorge when its bridge is destroyed, convince Maureen he didn't kill Corley via Miranda's recovered film, and fight through Ripburger's henchmen to stop Ripburger from taking over the company and getting away with murder.

Ben and Maureen eventually expose Ripburger as Corley's murderer with the pictures Miranda took, and broadcast the last will and testament of Malcolm Corley, who names Mo rightful successor to his company. Exposed, Ripburger flees the scene. As Ben and Maureen ride away, Ripburger makes one final attempt to ram them off the road in his semi-truck. Maureen's gang, The Vultures, arrive in a land-driven cargo plane to immobilize Ripburger's truck. The vehicle comes to a screeching halt over the bridge demolished earlier in the game, and after a final conflict, Ripburger falls to his death. Corley's funeral follows, where Father Torque delivers the eulogy, and with the Polecats freed and Maureen in her rightful place, Ben rides into the sunset on his bike. game - I guess... :-)

By: binford6001
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