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Prehistorik 2 (Action)

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Developer: Titus
Year: 1992
Downloads: 6084
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Game Review:

A simple yet charming game. Prehistorik 2 puts you on the "shoes" of a...prehistoric man set onto hoarding as much food as poosible. While gameplay wise is more or less your standard fare, the levels are totally cramped with little bonuses (most of them anachorinistic) to pump up your high score. The levels are nice laid out, althogh sometimes is hard to make out where do you have to fall to not end up in the bottomless pit that abound.
The graphics are simply astonishing for its age, wildly colourful and detailed sprites make for one of the most visually appealing platformers from the early 90s, surpassing the likes of Commander Keen in those terms.
Levels can get a bit long and no save system exists, so you need to take note of the password codes placed on each level.

Really nice entry for those that need their platformer fix on PC.

By: Karl_Delacroix
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